Quick Hitches & Buckets Nordic System by Kinshofer

KINSHOFER is offering a wide range of Nordic System S-Lock quick hitches (or S-couplers) from the small S30 to the large S80. Offered in mechanical and hydraulic versions, the couplers can be used with the locking bolts facing towards or away from the machine. The Nordic style of the X-Lock coupler brings all the safety features of the X-Lock for pin-to-pin attachments like the safety knuckle and the time locking feature, but is matched to the Nordic System coupler standards. The Nordic style X-Lock coupler is also available as tilting version, including a unique elliptic rotary actuator with a tilt angle of up to 180°! 
There are different types available:

The mechanical Nordic System quick coupler allows an easy installation of the attachment. It features an automatic spring locking system and an indicator that shows when the attachment is secured. A handle is used to open the coupler when changing tools – available for excavators with 1t to 14t / 2200 lbs to 30800 lbs operating weight. The mechanical coupler can be changed into a hydraulic one due to a special hydraulic upgrading kit.

The locking function of the hydraulic S-Lock coupler is activated from the excavator cabin. A signal pin and an acoustic sound indicate the attachment is secured – available for excavators with 1t to 40t / 2200 lbs to 88000 lbs operating weight.

The time proven design of the Scandinavian quick hitch standard and the safety of the X-Lock safety system combined by KINSHOFER in one hydraulic quick coupler: all safety features of the X-Lock coupler are matched here to the Nordic standards: the wedge plate style, the instant safety knuckle, the time locking feature, the locking indicator and all other safety features that make the X-Lock one of the safest couplers on the market! Suitable for excavators with up to 40t / 88000 lbs operating weight. 

Suitable for all Nordic System couplers, KINSHOFER is offering a wide range of Nordic buckets including the standard couplings for excavators with up to 45t / 99000 lbs operating weight: 

    •    Backhoe buckets 
    •    Trench buckets (with different profiles)
    •    Grading buckets 
    •    Tilt grading buckets
    •    Clearing buckets
    •    3-in-1 buckets
    •    V-profile buckets
    •    Skeleton buckets
    •    »Combi« 4-in-1 buckets
    •    Ripper teeth